H.J. Baker has conducted a Traffic Impact Assessment (TIA) and found that no improvements to Highway 881 intersection to access the project site are warranted based on projected traffic volumes. The TIA and roadside development permit for the proposed project will be submitted to Alberta Transportation and the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo. Highway 881 will be the delivery route for sulphur trucks arriving at the proposed expansion site.

In total, H.J. Baker’s activities will represent 6.0% percent of Highway 881 traffic in the short term and 6.9% of the highway 881 traffic in the long term. Truck traffic ranges from 50 trucks per day initially, to a maximum of 100 trucks per day in the future at maximum capacity.

H.J. Baker is committed to ensuring that truck carriers follow best practices including:

  • Compliance with all government safety protocols and speed limits.
  • Visual safety inspections of overall truck conditions.
  • Performing random safety inspections/audits on the trucks and drivers.